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Veterans Day... Where are you card industry?

November 08, 2013

One of the original ideas we had with Cards From Men was that we wanted to develop cards for Veterans Day.  Not just cards for our grandfathers, but cards that worked for active troops, young men and women who returned, and (the often overlooked) Mothers and Fathers who have kids in the service. Last year we create 4 great cards, each with a different message and idea.  For 2013's Veterans Day we're opting to keep things simple and allow our friends to purchase the 4 classics we've come to really like!

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Our Favorite Card: The Legend Continues

June 17, 2013

The first card we ever created was our LEGEND CONTINUES birthday card.  It still is one of our favorite so we thought we'd show our respects by giving this card its own update.  Congratulations card SKU: BD_Legend.... you're a rockstar!

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