Undercover: What we found

Characteristics of premium cards:

  • Cards have weight to them
  • Cards are individually plastic wrapped
  • Cards come with a special envelope (matching, lined, or unique)
  • Cards are not traditional bi-folded 5x7 vertical
    • Squares, tri-fold, open along different 'edge'
  • Cards are not cluttered, but simple elegant and profound
  • Cards may be embossed
  • Cards have a level of shine (not glitter)
  • Cards have a tactile feel (i.e. felt or soft-to-touch ink)
  • Cards have a 3d / “layered” look (Pieces of paper on inside, or matted look)
  • Cards have a simple logo synonymous with the brand
  • Cards can include a seal of logo (think sealed with wax, but included sticker)

Let's see how many of these we can get into our cards while maintaining the character and quality we strive for!