April 24, 2012

Richard from Woodstock NY

Cards From Men would like to welcome Richard S. to the team.  Richard is a talent graphic designer who has created graphic design projects in multiple forms of media.  Richard is great with the Photoshop and we're happy to have him on board.  Look for all new cards coming soon!
April 02, 2012

A Profile of Cards From Men Co-Founder Tony

In the Spring of 2012, a profile was done on Cards From Men Co-Founder Tony Granados.  This article ran in a nationally publicized alumni journal.

February 05, 2012

Undercover: What we found

Characteristics of premium cards:

  • Cards have weight to them
  • Cards are individually plastic wrapped
  • Cards come with a special envelope (matching, lined, or unique)
  • Cards are not traditional bi-folded 5x7 vertical
    • Squares, tri-fold, open along different 'edge'
  • Cards are not cluttered, but simple elegant and profound
  • Cards may be embossed
  • Cards have a level of shine (not glitter)
  • Cards have a tactile feel (i.e. felt or soft-to-touch ink)
  • Cards have a 3d / “layered” look (Pieces of paper on inside, or matted look)
  • Cards have a simple logo synonymous with the brand
  • Cards can include a seal of logo (think sealed with wax, but included sticker)

Let's see how many of these we can get into our cards while maintaining the character and quality we strive for!

February 02, 2012

Going Undercover

Our team met for a few weeks exploring ways to make this idea a reality. We had several hour-long meetings to discuss our options and to see what exactly was out there.  While many of these meetings were conducted with a cocktail in hand, they were still very productive and we determined a good first plan of action.

Next week, our team will visit local CVS, Rite-Aids, Duane Reeds & supermarkets.  We'll walk in with a notebook and park ourselves the "card aisle.'

We're doing this for you people... we'll report our findings after we return.

January 05, 2012

Men identify PROBLEMS, and then find SOLUTIONS

The Problem... A few months back, our team was sitting around when one of our buddies went off on a rant about what a pain it for guys to find the right greeting cards.

His complaints...

  1. Guys always end up rushing down "the card aisle" last minute.
  2. He doesn't need thousands of cards, he just needs the right one.
  3. Most cards are either too sarcastic, too mushy, or covered with glitter.
  4. You end up having to settle for the card that doesn't make you look foolish.

He was right.  We needed a solution.

Our Cards From Men Solution...
We were fed up with having to give out lame greeting cards, so we decided to make our own. We hooked up with some designers came up with a series of masculine greeting cards that we were proud to give.

This is going to be an interesting project.  Can Cards From Men really develop 'masculine' greeting cards.  We sure hope so.