In short, Cards From Men offers the first line of 'masculine' greeting cards designed specifically for men to give.  

The Problem... A few months back, our team was sitting around when one of our buddies went off on a rant about what a pain it for guys to find the right greeting cards.

His complaints...
  1. Guys always end up rushing down "the card aisle" last minute.
  2. He doesn't need thousands of cards, he just needs the right one.
  3. Most cards are either too sarcastic, too mushy, or covered with glitter.
  4. You end up having to settle for the card that doesn't make you look foolish.

He was right. There needs to be a better way for guys to get their cards...
Our Cards From Men Solution...
We were fed up with having to give out lame greeting cards, so we decided to make our own. We hooked up with some designers came up with a series of masculine greeting cards that we were proud to give.

The first round of cards were created just for us to use. We showed them to our friends – just to get feedback on the designs and the card quality – and somehow our designs got out. In just 2 days, over 400k people were exposed to our card when we landed the front page of IMGUR. (June 13th, 2011). CoolMaterials.com ranked us as one of the "Top 18 Father’s Day Cards You Definitely Won’t find at Hallmark!

Needless to say, our cards our different.