How it works

Many people have emailed us or asked us on Facebook about "How Cards From Men Works".  There really isn't anything complicated to the process, but heck... we'll spell it out for you.

1.  You order your card online.

We know that men don't "SHOP"... men "BUY".  For that reason, Cards From Men doesn't make hundreds of card option - just options that work.  This allows you to hop on our website and get the right card right away.

2.  We mail the card to you.

Cards From Men products are sent to you from Utah.  You can expect to receive your card about one week after you place your order. 

3.  You write your personal message.

At Cards From Men, we believe that the most important message in any card is your own.  We've moved our pre-printed message so that you'll have the space to speak your mind.

4.  You look good.

Deliver your Cards From Men card with confidence knowing that it is appropriate, unique, and has character - just like you.